Company Profile

Company Name: Hayashi Honten Inc.
Chairperson: Rieko Hayashi
Established: October, 1920
Head Office/Factory
2239 Nakashinkano-cho,Kakamigahara-city Gifu,504-0958 Japan
TEL:+81-58-382-1238 FAX:+81-58-383-3315

Company History

October 1st, 1920 :
Hinodeya Jyozou founded and established by Founder Eiichi Hayashi, the 1st
January 1927 : Founded and established Hayashi Honten Inc. at 2239--- (address)
CEO/President - Eiichi Hayashi, the 2nd
July 1966 : CEO/President – Kimi Hayashi, the 3rd
October 1985: CEO/President – Eiichi Hayashi, the 4th
January 2007 : CEO/President – Rieko Hayashi, the 5th

Awards Received:

○Eiichi Daiginjo – 5 times Gold Medal winner (Nagoya Kokuzeikyoku Syurui kanpyou kai)
○Eiichi Daiginjo – Gold Medal winner (Zenkoku Shinsyu Kanpyou kai)
○Eiichi Junmai-Gold Medal winner(Nagoya Kokuzeikyoku Syurui kanpyou kai)
○Eiichi Seiku-Gold Medal winner(Nagoya Kokuzeikyoku Syurui kanpyou kai)
○Eiichi Daiginjo – 3 times Gold Medal winner (Gifu prefecture Shinsyu Kanpyou kai)

A heart for sostalgia

<Hayashi Honten>
Hayashi Honten prides itself on a tradition of "remembering the old while embracing the new". We apply this tradition when manufacturing our Sake to produce that "Wow factor" while staying true to the traditions of sake.

Over its 1000 year history, sake has undergone many changes while staying true to its traditional roots. By adapting to the times and lifestyle of the people, sake remains the drink of choice for many Japanese people.

To ensure we remain at the forefront of the industry, our master brewers and workers continually hone their skills to produce the best quality sake. Our staff continually seek feedback from our clients and keep their ears to the ground to ensure we know the consumers needs. We aim to offer products that have both aesthetic appeal and tantalise the taste buds!!

Japanese osake for the world

"Neo Japanesque"- Beyond the tradition -

Through SAKEDELIC we take you from our Japanese heritage to a new place where traditional Sake moves into our new culture
Power of rice and nature.
Sake is brewed from the highest-quality rice and sake yeast to extract the alcohol. In the process of brewing, the yeast absorbs the sugar from rice to generate alcohol. The sake masters use their years of knowledge to pinpoint just the right time to stop the fermentation process to produce the great taste of sake. SAKEDELIC is made using only the natural sweetness from rice and sake yeast. That's truly the mystery of nature. The deliciousness of SAKEDELIC is miraculously born by all natural ingredients.
Enjoy Sake!
You can enjoy drinking SAKEDELIC anywhere and anytime. This sweet refreshing taste can be relished on every occasion.

※This product serves as only export out of Japan.

Sakagura festival

<Sakagura Festival and Vintage tasting>

Once a year we celebrate the end of vintage and our history of sake brewing. It is a fantastic opportunity for not only the people who are familiar with sake but also those who are experiencing it for the first time to come and celebrate the sake culture!
Our program includes:
Brewery tour 
Sake tasting
Warehouse Concert
Food court area

The Festival is when we release the new vintage that has been brewing during the winter months and the special blend that we have made just for this yearly event. Come and celebrate with us and immerse yourself in Japanese tradition!

Brewery Tours and study groups

<Brewery Tours and Study Groups>

We offer tours of Hayashi Honten brewery to give you the opportunity to experience how we brew the Sake through your senses. You can experience the smell of the fermentation process, feel the texture of the rice, enter the koji-muro, see the large tanks and here the sounds of the brewery and finally enjoy the taste of the sake.

We also offer study groups where you can learn about sake and it's history, learn how to read descriptions on the labels and work out which sake suits which foods to enhance both the flavour of the food you are eating and the flavour of the sake you are drinking


Original Brand Brewery System

『百十郎』純米大吟醸 ― 黒面(くろづら) ―


Bottle vokume/1,800ml 720ml
Quantiny per carton/1,800ml,6・720ml,12
SAKE type/Junmai-Dai-Ginjo
Ingredient/Rice・Koji(made in Japan)
       Rice Variety:Koji:Yamadanishiki/Kake:Gohyakumangoku
       Rice polish ratio:50%

110-Black is the premium SAKE that has taken the West by storm.
It took silver at "WSWA" and is highly recommended by "Ultimate Wine Challenge". Unlike most SAKE, Dai-Ginjyo is made without machines. This gives it one of a kind taste that is hard to forget. Paired with fish and other light dishes, 110-Black's aroma and flavor will add a whole new level to your dining exprience.

『百十郎』大辛口純米酒 ― 赤面(あかづら) ―


Bottle vokume/1,800ml 720ml
Quantiny per carton/1,800ml,6・720ml,12
SAKE type/Extra Dry Junmai
Ingredient/Rice・Koji(made in Japan)
       Rice Variety:Gohyakumangoku
       Rice polish ratio:70%

110-Red is SAKE drinker's SAKE
110-RED is SAKE drinker's SAKE. Very popular in Japan, it can be ebjoyed both hot and cold.
Jumai draws out the full flavores of any dish it's paired with. 110-Red has been so well received that the "Ultimate Wine Challenge" gave it 96 points.

『百十郎』山廃 ― Yamahai ―


Bottle vokume/1,800ml 720ml
Quantiny per carton/1,800ml,6・720ml,12
SAKE type/Junmai-Dai-Ginjo
Ingredient/Rice・Koji(made in Japan)
       Rice Variety:Gohyakumangoku
       Rice polish ratio:60%

110-Purple has enough bite to satisfy anyone from any background. It has been brewed using traditional thechniques in Japanes culture. The process for making this jem has remain unchanged for hundeds of years. Historically, high ranking people in Japan wore purple. Therefore the color purple matches "YAMAHAI" very well. 110-Pureple scored 95 points and received Ultimate Recommendation from "Ultomate" Wine Challenge 2014".

金時-Golden Amber-

Golden Amber

Bottle vokume/720ml
Quantiny per carton/12
SAKE type/Junmai
Ingredient/Rice・Koji(made in Japan)
       Rice Variety:nihon-bare
       Rice polish ratio:70%

A japanese twist on a classic western flavor.
A japanese twist on a classic western flavor.
There is always a new way to drink "Golden Amber". Whether at the bar with friends or planning a special day, "Golden Amber" will fit any occasion. Very useful as a cocktail base and delicious with cheese, chocolate, and dry fruits, it tastes like whiskey going down but leaves a SAKE aftertaste. It's a blend of East and West.

TERA ― Life is good! ―


Bottle vokume/720ml
Quantiny per carton/12
SAKE type/Junmai
Ingredient/Rice・Koji(made in Japan)
       Rice Variety:Gohyakumangoku
       Rice polish ratio:60%

A lite SAKE for all occasons.
"TERA" has the perfect balance between sweet and dry flavores. Easy to drink, it will any meal and is delicious on its own. If you are new to Japanese SAKE or like beverages that go down easy, please give "TERA" a try.



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